Family Portfolio

Family holds hands and smiles at each other at Giant Springs State Park
Little boy with his hands in his pocket smiles
Large family with several teenagers stands in a meadow
Two boys hug their toddler brother between them
Little girl with long blonde hair gazes at the world
Mom and dad standing back to back airplane toss their smiling toddler children
Mom, toddler son, grandma, and mom's sister laughingly walk along
Mom and daughter hug tightly at Giant Springs State Park
Baby wearing maroon outfit gazes upward
Smiling family tosses fallen leaves into the air
A dad has his arms around his son and daughter's shoulders
Older couple leans in to each and smiles
Teens with their arms linked laugh as they walk down a wooden path
Two toddlers and a baby sit on the ground surround by fall leaves
Mom and son sit and snuggle in wooded area

"Valerie had us laughing which made all the images authentic and candid."

-Jesika L.